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Stamped Patios

There are so many customizations when it comes to stamped and colored concrete. Find decorative concrete inspiration here.

View Our Gallery of Stamped & Colored Patios Below.

When it comes to creating more space at your home, its a great option to expand to the outdoors. Stamped and colored concrete can be poured in so many shapes and sizes. There are a variety of stamps, colors and shapes to make the decorative patio of your dreams.

Stamped concrete is great for getting the stone look your are wanting for a fraction of the cost. We also offer a combination of broom finished concrete with a stamped border edge or a thickened edge to create a "wall" effect. We offer fire pit areas where we have had our clients add either wood burning pits and natural gas, which is embedded into the concrete. The gas option is great if you are looking to eliminate the mess and reduce smoke.

Some of the projects that we have completed have been as simple as taking out the existing concrete and replacing it back in stamped concrete. We have also taken out patios and created a more beautiful way to enjoy your backyard. Whatever the case may be, we have the solution for creating a new backyard oasis that fits your home's style, increases your square footage of entertaining space and the property value.

Tip: You should get your concrete sealed every other year, at the least, to maintain the vibrant look, protect it from fading or the top from "popping" off. Protecting your concrete from BBQ stains, dirt, and UV rays is a must if you want to protect your investment.

Browse some of the stamped concrete below, that we have poured right here in St. Charles County.

Project Gallery

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