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Terms & Conditions

Below is a list of our terms and conditions.  We understand it is very lengthly but our goal is to have open communication about your upcoming project and clear expectations so there are no surprises.

Our Promise

To Care

We promise to do each project like it was our own project at home.  If we wouldn't want to look at it, why would you?

To Communicate

We promise to keep you as much "in the loop" as possible. We understand that it is a process that most people haven't gone through, and we will keep you informed as it progresses.

To Work With You

We will work with you to make your vision come to life.  If there is a suggestion, we will make it so it's done right the first time.  We want you to love your new space.

What to Expect 

Steps in project planning and completion:

1. You have just signed up for your project and have been given a tentative schedule date. We at Spec Group Concrete do everything in our power to keep to a schedule. This preliminary date is completely weather dependent as mother nature really takes the helm at different points of the year dictating whether or not we are able to work at our scheduled pace. If any changes in the schedule do occur, your Project Coordinator will notify you as soon as we know. This may only be 12-24 hours in advance in a worst-case scenario.

2. Your Project Coordinator is the person running your project and seeing that all details and nuances of the project are tended to during each PHASE. Your project coordinator will give you the means of contacting them at almost a moment’s notice should any of your desires change or you should have questions before, during, or after your project.

3. Your Project Coordinator will start your project off by having one of Spec Group Concrete’s “demo and prep” crews or team member on site to start demolition, grading, and/or forming of the project. Always expect landscaping to be necessary after any patio installation. Ask your estimator about use of plywood to protect against some lawn damage, although this is not a surefire way to prevent all lawn damage and ruts. In any case, plywood cannot be used where any machinery turns. PLYWOOD DOES NOT PREVENT RUTS COMPLETELY. Spec Group Concrete uses water to clean off hard surfaces that are used to access the area, but the homeowner should expect to pressure wash or clean after the job is complete.


This initial set up process may take any length of time from a few hours to a few days depending on site conditions, weather, or project scope and size. On a typical project, this crew/team member will not need much oversight from our client and is under the watchful eye of the Project Coordinator. They work very independently and efficiently. During this phase is typically when we collect our “down-payment” of 50% so if you could, please be prepared to hand that crew leader a check or form of payment when prompted. It is much appreciated!

4. When the “demo and prep” crew/team member are finished, your project coordinator has already been working to schedule the next “pouring crew” in line to pour and finish the concrete. This process can be as early as the same day, to as late as the weekend after. If any delays should occur, it's usually due to waiting for inspections, good weather, or lastly, an open schedule. All projects are poured in the order of which they were passed on inspection or finished preparing. Your Project Coordinator will be able to answer any questions relating to this process and scheduling, if asked. The “pouring crew” is working under the supervision of a crew leader.

5. Once the concrete is poured, you’ll want to stay off with foot traffic for 24 hours and vehicle traffic for 7 days. Your Project Coordinator will gladly fill you in on these details as the project is reaching its final stages. Once the “pouring crews” are finished with all of their concrete pouring, the Coordinator will then schedule a time for our “cleanup crew” to swoop in and tidy up the project. Their job is to try to clean-up the jobsite to the best of their ability, take away any concrete forms, wood, and stakes that must go. On exposed aggregate projects, this crew will expose the aggregate as well. On stamped projects, this crew will be stamping. The decorative sealer, for stamped pads, will be applied after the concrete is dry and after it has been washed. This will occur anywhere from a day after the pour up to a week after the pour (depending on weather). The concrete must be dry for the sealer to be applied and weather can be a factor. If there are any other fine items or details that are pending still, this crew is set to take care of them. This crew will usually be the last crew on site to do their own quality control and lastly collect a final payment.

6. During all of these phases, your Project Coordinator will do their very best job to keep you, the customer, in the loop of most of the on-goings of the project. Again, should any details or questions arise, contact your project coordinator at any time.


The following is a list of considerations for your project to have the most successful and flawless outcome possible. A few of these items are as follows.

• Parking: Our crews will need at least enough space for 2-3 vehicles to park during each phase of the project.

• Water/Electricity: Our crews will assume at any moment that any and all exterior water and electrical sources are capable of supplying our needs for the project. If either of these is unavailable or inoperable, please let us know ahead of time.

• Landscaping: Per our agreement, most projects will need a weekend or so worth of TLC to seed and straw, getting the yard back together. Unfortunately, this is a process Spec Group Concrete does not provide unless discussed with your estimator. Please ask your estimator if this is of concern.

• Street curbs and city sidewalk: Depending on your local town or city ordinance, most ordinances do not allow for the curb along the street to be repaired or replaced without a separate set of permits or allowances being made. No matter the existing condition, this is typically something not included in any project unless expressly mentioned in contract. City sidewalks may also be deemed necessary for replacement during a project by the city inspector. This cost is put onto the customer by the city and cannot be negotiated. These extra sidewalk panels are taken out and reinstalled as required at cost by Spec Group Concrete as we try to appease both parties.

• Utilities/Sprinklers/Dog wires: Spec Group Concrete does not mark public and main utilities. The homeowner may contact Dig Rite Missouri (1-800-344-7483) for free utility marking. They mark these utilities with spray-paint and flags days before the project starts. This program does not mark sprinklers or private underground lines such as auxiliary electrical, plumbing, dog wires, or downspouts that may be buried. Please notify your Project Crew of these locations as they are commonly struck by equipment during construction and will likely require an extra expense of repair, that cannot be completed by Spec Group, when the project is complete.

• Permitting: Spec Group Concrete bears the burden of permitting if necessary on the job. If a permit is required, a charge of accounting time and any associated fees will be applied to the invoice for the project usually added to the cost of the project. If this is of concern, please ask your estimator about permitting options in your area.

· Excavation and Demolition - This is the part we consider to be like dentistry. It’s painful to watch but, in the end we have a nice clean slate to work with.

· Formwork - Before every concrete project comes formwork. This part of the job requires decades of experience and determines the overall result. We understand that people change their minds. After the forms are set, we allow 1 change in shape, size or placement, complimentary. Size of patio may lead to an increase in price. After this complimentary change, there will be a $250.00 change fee charge applied to each scope change before the pour.

· Subgrade Prep.- Spec Group Concrete prides itself in giving a long-lasting end product. Each project subgrade is compacted and prepped with commercial project standards in mind for added durability and longevity. Ask your estimator about your particular subgrade needs.

· Reinforcement- All types of modern-day reinforcement is utilized here at Spec Group Concrete. Consult your estimator about reinforcement needs. We always use fiber mesh in our concrete.

· Placement - Placing concrete can be a daunting task and requires a large crew of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Our crew takes great pride in the laying and finishing of each project to make it unique and stand out against the average.

· Sealant - A wide variety of sealers can be applied at an additional charge, to each project. The sealer used can be determined by the specific finish of the concrete or by a client’s preference. Sealers play an integral role in protecting your concrete from the inevitable elements and freeze thaw cycles.



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