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Concrete Stamp & Color Choices

This section to view our list of offered concrete stamp choices and colors.

Below are the choices for concrete stamp patterns and concrete color. For this you will need to decide on a stamp pattern. Next, choose a base color or main integral color. Last, choose a release color. This adds the shadows to the texture creating the image of real stone or brick.

Tip: When choosing your colors is to make sure they are very different when it comes to the shade. The more drastic the difference, the more texture you will see. If you are looking for a subtile look, go with a lighter concrete release color.

Did you know you can get a texture added into the sealant so it's not so slippery when wet? Once the concrete is poured and stamping is finished, your patio will look very dull and powdery. Don't worry, once we get the concrete decorative gloss sealant applied, all the colors will come out to shine!

Tip: You should get your concrete sealed every other year at the least to maintain the vibrant look, protect it from fading or the top from "popping" off. Protecting your concrete from BBQ stains, dirt, and UV rays is a must if you want to protect your investment.

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